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   We, Zigong industrial valve MFG. CO., Ltd, owns registered trademark Zigong Brand, is a limited liability company with 20380000 Yuan registered capital, is a historied valve manufacturer which was established in 1958 September. Zigong Industrial Valve MFG. CO., Ltd was appointed valve manufacturer by Mechanical and Electric Engineering Ministry since 1958, and still is the member of China Valve Industry Association. The company possesses strong technical strength and , setting professional workshops for casting, forging, welding, machining, heat treatment and assembling etc. Zigong Industrial valve MFG.CO.,Ltd is a well equipped valve manufacturer with advanced processing techniques and top-rating measurement and inspection approaches. The company obtained ISO9001 Quality System Certification Registration since 1999. We are able to produce high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure valves including globe valve, gate valve, ball valve, check valve, butterfly valve, plug valve and series of products according to various particular requirements based on GB and API standards.

   Major product name and specification:

   High, medium and low pressure globe valve (DN15-DN200);

   Medium and low pressure gate valve (DN5-DN400);

   Medium and low pressure ball valve (DN25-DN100);

   Low pressure plug valve (DN15-DN150);

   Key service areas:

We aim to provide high quality services for industries of energy, metallurgy, chemical engineering, natural gas, military project and construction.

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